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3M is a company which values innovation and development – two qualities which are evident in their product range. This American company can trace its history back to 1902 when it began manufacturing a range of abrasive products. The company then introduced masking tape and sellotape, and it now manufactures a range of specialised high-quality products, ranging from personal protection products right through to electric components, cables and connectors. 3M's innovative products are designed to solve specific customer related issues: its multi-core ribbon cable used in computers, consumer goods and industrial electronic equipment is a good example of this ethos. The company is well known for its quality adhesive tapes designed for a variety of industrial and domestic applications. The superior toughness and adhesive qualities of 3M electrical tape make it ideal for professional electricians. When it comes to personal safety, 3M is at the forefront of the industry with a range of polypropylene protective overalls that protect against type 5 hazardous dust and light liquid splashes. These overalls have a convenient two-way zip and their low linting properties ensure hazardous dusts don't stick to overalls. All 3M products are carefully designed and engineered to meet EU safety standards as well as the company’s own environmental sustainability programme.



3M Dual Lock

3M™ Dual Lock™ flexible pressure lock. For bonding to various plastic materials, powder coated surfaces and other low surface energy materials.

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3M electrical insulation

3M ™ ET 1181 Copper foil smooth, with conductive adhesive, copper. Excellent conductivity for effective shielding attenuation: the punchable shielding tape made of copper meets high demands

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3M Flat Cable

Round, shielded/jacketed, flat cable. .050"28 AWG Stranded, Mass Terminatable, PVC/PVC, 3659 Series, round construction permits easier routing

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3M Safety

AuraTM Particle Mask. The 3M TM AuraTM 9300 series. The original since 1996. Safety & comfort in the 3rd generation

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