Lamps for Workplaces

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Workplace lamps that brighten up work areas have an important role in productivity and safety. Bright lights with the correct lumen output for the type and nature of the work reduce fatigue and eliminate accidents. Workplace lamps are made in many variants, such as halogen floodlights, standalone or portable LED floodlights, inspection lamps and more. Standalone LED floodlights deliver high-power light with wide diffusion, on height-adjustable tripods, perfectly serving the need to illuminate large areas. Portable versions, usually powered by rechargeable Li-on batteries, offer the advantages of portability and enhanced viewing angles. These models are usually built with shock absorbing frames. Wall mounted LED fixtures enclosed in housings best serve to illuminate entrances and driveways. Dome-lights, fixed on the ceilings, offer uniform and even light to all areas. Inspection lamps provide close-up lighting to view interior areas of machinery, cavities and other areas where normal lights do not penetrate easily. The best models of workplace lamps deliver bright and homogeneous light instantly, with low heat generation. They are available in high-grade materials with impact-resistant plastic screens and aluminium housings, and have very high safety ratings, such as IEC Class II or IP 6X or X5, and higher. When considering costs, consider the performance in terms of power consumption, and longevity, apart from the upfront cost.