Cordless Power Tool Systems

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Power drills and screwdrivers are the most common cordless power tool systems. Cordless drills are made in various power capacities. As a general rule, the higher the volts, the higher the power. Drills of 18V suit most domestic applications. Higher power delivers more torque for performing various actions, such as driving screws easily. The other technical factors to consider are the speed, the hammer rate and the bit specifications. Consider safety features such as auto-lock, as well. Some of the value-added features to consider when purchasing a cordless drill are the colour and style, and a belt hook. Cordless screwdrivers vary according to their torque, appearance and handle type. Most models have changeable bits to suit different types of screw heads. Professional models are compatible with wood, plastic and light-grade metal. Consider the power-to-weight ratio of the screwdriver as a good indicator of its efficiency and strength. Opt for cordless power tool systems from manufacturers who are known for delivering robust models, with ergonomic designs and durable materials. Modern power tools are very lightweight and deliver greater power compared to earlier versions, mainly owing to lithium ion batteries - the heavy and unwieldy devices available a few years ago usually ran on nickel cadmium batteries. The most common accessories for cordless tools are lithium ion batteries and chargers.