Soldering is similar to glueing as it involves using a metal with a relatively low melting point to adhere to the surfaces to be soldered together. It is an essential part of electronics work. Some pieces of kit are needed to solder electrical components together. Soldering irons are needed for the heat source and soldering tips and hot air nozzles are needed to direct the heat and melt the solder precisely and accurately. Desoldering is equally important in electronics as soldering. It is the process of removing solder from a circuit board for troubleshooting or repair, using a small vacuum pump or a solder wick. Distrelec supplies hundreds of replacement soldering and desoldering tips from Weller and Weller Consumer, as well as heat focusing hot air nozzles, and many other accessories for soldering, desoldering and the reworking of handpieces and systems. The high-quality soldering and reworking tips are made of high conductivity copper, are iron-plated to ensure their longevity, and tinned with lead-free solder for RoHS compliance. Nozzles and tips are available in a huge variety of sizes and shapes, from chisel tips to needle points. Keep the soldering tip clean with a damp sponge as it will conduct heat more effectively.