Soldering Accessories and Replacement Parts

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Soldering requires skill and the right tools for the job and fortunately, soldering accessories seem to be available for every conceivable soldering task. Electric, gas and hot air soldering are catered for, with a huge range of specialist soldering tips and nozzles, but suitable soldering iron stands can also make things easier. For PCB work, holders keep things in place, and boards can be preheated to speed things up. Desoldering has special requirements, from desoldering bits to solder removal. Soldering baths allow for immersion where needed. Soldering bits are often regarded as consumable items and replacements are expected to be provided, but most major soldering brands also provide a full range of service and repair items for their products, so it is possible to buy not only soldering materials and soldering irons but many component parts, such as heating elements, solder collection accessories, filters, switches and even replacement sponges for a soldering iron stand. A wide range of associated cleaning equipment is also available, including special brushes and files. So whether working with a standalone soldering iron or a soldering or desoldering station, it seems that almost every single thing can be provided, for perfect results. The only things that need to be added are skill and expertise.