Panel Meters, Digital

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Panel meters display parameters such as temperature, voltage and current, related to a process. Digital panel meters take the input signal from temperature sensors or a current source and display the value in digital form. Modern digital panel meters have the capability to provide the display in different unit options. Digital panel meters are available in various types. Standard digital panel meters accept a single input and offer a digital display of the signal. High-end models accept more than one input, such as voltage, ampere, watt, Wh, Ah and running time. These devices switch between channels, either automatically or when the user presses a button next to the display. Some models may feature additional capability, such as automatic polarity and overflow display, and even alarms. Totalizers, usually used for flow measurement applications, have summation capability, displaying a count of the number of pulses over time. Most modern digital panel meters have Ethernet ports that allow accessing the information over a local area network, and can transfer the data to a computer. Most meters are mounted inside instrument panels and adhere to standard DIN sizes. Digital meters are made with different measuring ranges and different LCD display sizes. Digital panel meters are indispensable in factory automation processes and process control equipment.