Panel Meters, Analogue

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Electrical measurements of current and voltage are easily taken using hand-held equipment, such as a clamp meter or multimeter, but there are many applications where a dedicated panel meter is needed for such monitoring tasks. The analogue panel meter with a pointer indicator remains a popular choice. Different operational technologies are used, with most employing a magnetic core or moving coil system. The main considerations are the desired measurement parameters. AC and DC versions are available, with an extensive choice of current and voltage ranges. It should be noted that although most panel meter displays are shown as volts or amps, percentage scales are also available, making such meters suitable for many other measuring tasks. Component parts are also available separately for custom configurations. Analogue panel meters are available from many leading makers and the 'no brand' models should not be overlooked. As an alternative format, digital panel meters may be considered and these have similar capabilities, but rather than using a moving pointer, this kind of meter utilises an LCD screen, usually giving a numerical readout, with some showing a bar-graph display.