Castors & Wheels

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Castors are attached to equipment or furniture to allow items and loads to be moved, but unlike wheels, castors also incorporate a solid frame that is designed to bear a specified maximum weight load. Heavy-duty castors are often used in laboratories and manufacturing plants to move equipment using trolleys, and the units with solid plate attachments can even be attached directly onto the equipment itself. The load weight is distributed across all the castors, so using more units will reduce the maximum weight load needed for each one. Larger size wheels will usually roll more easily, but the increased height will raise the centre of gravity and care should be taken to ensure the stability of the load is maintained. Steering castors with swivel mounts are often used on chairs and furniture to allow movement in all directions, but for trolleys, an arrangement of two steering and two fixed apparatus castors offers better steering control, and choosing castors with a brake will allow the trolley to be safely parked. The castors with soft treads are popular for environments with smooth, hard flooring, as they will offer good grip, are less likely to damage the floor surface and will be quieter than the hard-wheeled castors that are typically used on carpets or rugged factory floors.