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Tapes find common application to fasten and hold wires, cables and other objects. Adhesive tapes are made in various permutations of type, material and strength. Some common types are pressure-sensitive tapes, heat-sensitive tapes, water-activated tapes, drywall tapes, double-sided tapes and more. Another classification is according to the material used and the purpose, such as aluminium tapes, copper tapes, Velcro tapes, scotch tapes, masking tapes, insulation tapes, cloth tapes and more. Yet another categorisation is by the type of adhesive used. The common adhesives are acrylate, acrylic, pressure-sensitive acrylic, rubberised adhesive, rubber resin, silicon and others. Pressure-sensitive tapes contain pressure-sensitive adhesive, with paper, plastic film, cloth or metal foil as the backing, and a releasing agent. These tapes stick on applying pressure, without the need for any heat or solvent. Water-activated tapes and heat-sensitive tapes become sticky on the application of moisture or heat respectively. Thermal release tapes lose their tack and release fully on being heated to specific temperatures. These tapes find good use in the semiconductor industry. Reinforced gummed tapes are sturdy variants, featuring two layers of paper with fibreglass filaments laminated between them, and hot-melt atactic polypropylene adhesive. Good quality Velcro tapes offer secure, load-bearing capabilities. High-quality tapes adhere to standards such as ASTM D5749-01(2006).