Cleaning Cloths & Accessories

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Cleaning cloths and accessories come in many types. A thorough clean requires selecting the right type of cleaning cloth for the device or surface. Scotch-Brite microfiber cloth is one of the best choices to wipe electrical and other sensitive surfaces clean. Another cost-effective cleaning alternative for sensitive surfaces is dry wipes. Opt for a high-quality product that has high solvent and dilute acid resistance properties and a high absorbency rate. The cloth should work effectively when used with or without chemicals. Anti-static cleaning cloths help remove the static buildup in electrical equipment, such as monitors and optical devices. Desiccants absorb moisture or water in their vicinity and help to keep the area dry. Being a natural absorbent in normal temperature and relative humidity ranges, clay desiccants find common use to control humidity, and thereby keep sensitive electronic and electrical equipment safe. Silica gel is another desiccant in everyday use. The naturally occurring silicon dioxide (SiO2) is purified and processed in granular silica gel crystals, to absorb moisture in temperatures as high as 105°C, and high humidity levels of 60 to 90 percent RH. Dehumidifiers reduce air humidity in closed rooms by extracting the moisture and collecting it in containers. These devices prevent the spread of mildew, mold stains and corrosion.