SMU - Source Meters

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Source Measure Units (SMUs) are bench instruments used to test applications that require measurement flexibility, with high accuracy and high resolution. The device is capable of both sourcing and measuring, forcing voltage or current, while measuring voltage and/or current simultaneously, with high levels of precision. SMUs derive constant current or voltage source by integrating a DC power source. They also co-opt a high-precision multimeter. Unlike conventional power supplies that perform two-quadrant, source-only operations, SMUs deliver four-quadrant source and sink operation. This offer SMUs unparalleled flexibility, better speed, higher precision levels and capability to support wider operating ranges. SMUs have a host of inbuilt functionality that delivers superior performance compared to using standalone devices for the same purpose. The inbuilt sourcing capabilities support low current, enable suppressing system-level leakages and reduce measurement uncertainty. SMUs have an onboard processor that improves the integration of instruments and allows execution of user-defined scripts. The ability to program values enhances protection for the device undergoing testing. The sweep capabilities on offer enable testing devices under a range of different conditions, with fixed level, linear or pulsed sweeps. SMUs are ideally suited for a wide range of applications, such as characterising batteries and solar cells, and to test semiconductors.