Power Supplies, fixed-voltage

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Many electronic devices, such as computers, have semiconductors that require precise current and voltage ratings, with even minor variations placing the devices at risk of damage. A fixed voltage power supply finds use in such applications, where an adjustable output is not needed or becomes counterproductive. Fixed voltage power supplies have a very simple mechanism. These power supplies take power from the AC mains and supply a constant DC output. A transformer converts the AC current to the required DC levels, to a very high level of accuracy. A voltage regulator fixed to the DC output maintains a constant voltage level, regulating the fluctuations in input voltage. The diodes and capacitors ensure the fixed voltage output reaches the device undisturbed. The different models of fixed voltage power supplies vary in terms of input and output voltage, and output current range. The output voltage depends on the voltage regulator. Select a power supply with a reliable and high-quality voltage regulator, capable of resisting overdrawn current or surges, which may occur due to overheating or short circuit. Select power supplies compliant with the relevant safety and compatibility standards, such as EN60950 or EN55014/1/2. For effective installation, do not overlook the form factor and the plug type of the power supply.