Spring loaded contacts

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Spring contacts, or 'Pogo' contact connectors, consist of a plunger (or piston) and a barrel (or housing), utilizing the spring power of a fully encased, fine spring to establish and maintain positive contact within a circuit or between electronic components, devices or circuits. Due to the way in which the plunger is able to respond to movement while maintaining pressure on the terminals, spring contacts are capable of providing a consistent connection in unstable conditions, for example, if a device is subject to vibration or sudden movement. They can also compensate for slight height differentials between components or circuit boards. In order to minimize corrosion, spring contact components are constructed using corrosion-resistant metals such as rhodium, nickel or bronze, which are often plated with gold or silver for additional durability. A variety of different plunger tip styles, such as flat head, round head and serrated, are available to suit all applications. Spring contacts with current ratings ranging from 1A to 50A are available, so all power requirements can be accommodated. Prominent manufacturers of spring contacts include C.C.P. Contact Probes, Everett Charles Technologies and PTR Messtechnik.