Holders for Test Leads

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Test lead holders are wall-mounted or trolley based racks that are used to hang testing leads in order to prevent them from tangling, while making them easily accessible and identifiable. A common design for test lead holders is a rack containing a series of flexible fixed width slots where several cables can be secured. The test lead holder can be screwed into place at a workstation or in a common area and will hold cables with a maximum diameter equal to the slot size. Manufacturers such as Pomona, that produces a range of test equipment sets and laboratory cables, also offer this type of lead holder. Other designs of lead racks are suitable for storing larger numbers of differing types of test leads that may have a variety of diameter sizes. These have clips that are snapped onto a railing, creating slots that can be adjusted to accommodate any diameter of test lead or laboratory cable, and can hold up to a hundred leads. Where fixed-point storage is not practical, Schützinger measuring trays or test lead trolleys can be fitted with different types of shelves to provide portable storage. The length of cable that can be stored on these mobile storage racks is restricted by the height of the unit.