Laboratory Connectors & Accessories for Measurement

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Connectors and accessories for measuring in electrical, electronics or R&D laboratories include an immense choice of cables with male plug and female socket connectors in various lengths, diameters and colours - from Cat 1 cable to low noise tri-axial and fibre optic. Similarly, the laboratory connectors category covers safety plugs and sockets, insulator sleeves and binding pins or posts. The appropriate cabling and connectors ensure that equipment is protected from the dangers of improvised wiring and electrical shorting - or the risks of unreliable, intermittent performance. Whether for educational, scientific, R&D or industrial laboratory work, the right connector accessories improve workflow. Holders for test leads encourage organised storage so the correct cable, clip or test probe is always to hand. Cables are commonly used with charger units and laboratory power supplies or signal generators, oscilloscopes and DUTs (devices under test) or experiments - from the smallest stepper motors to robotic research. Here, colour coding enables efficient visual identification when installed in circuit wiring. Alternatively, test leads and probes feature clamps for hands-free monitoring and continuous measuring of input and output signals. Finally, spring-loaded contacts are ideal for quick, safe and reliable connections to circuit boards; choose from flat or round head contacts or gold plated sleeves for excellent connectivity.