Testo Thermal Imagers

Testo’s thermal imagers have the best picture in their class, making it easier than ever before for you to examine buildings and systems.

This is why you need a thermal imager

In contracting as well as in the industrial sector, you profit considerably from the use of a thermal imager:

  • You carry out status-oriented servicing work and prevent expensive system downtimes.
  • You overcome the limitations of a pyrometer by measuring not just individual points but whole surfaces.
  • You deal with jobs such as leakage detection or tests on plants and building sections more quickly than before, thus saving time and money.
  • You always provide best quality and ensure the satisfaction of your customers – for example by testing and impressively presenting the faultless fitting of insulation or the functionality of a heating system.
  • You win new customers with your professional appearance, supported by a thermal imager.

Why Testo’s Thermal Imagers?

High resolution and image quality

Up to 320 x 240 pixels – with testo SuperResolution, even up to 640 x 480 pixels. Image quality and resolution are ideal for all applications in contracting and industry.

Connection to App and other Testo measuring instruments

Create and send compact reports on site with the testo Thermography App. You can ransfer the measurement values of the testo 605i hygrometer and the clamp meter testo 770 wirelessly to the imagers, in order to identify mould danger or to complement thermal images with current/voltage values.

Automatic setting of emissivity

The testo ε-Assist function automatically sets the emissivity and temperature of the measurement object, thus facilitating precise thermography.

Objectively comparable images

testo ScaleAssist adapts the thermal image scale to the inner and outer temperatures of the measurement object, and the difference between them. This ensures comparable and error-free thermal images of the thermal insulation behaviour of a building.

Explore the Range

testo 865 - Switch on, aim, know more

With 160 x 120 pixels, your ideal entry into thermography: Visualize temperature differences from 0.12 °C, and automatically recognize hot-cold spots.

testo 868 - Smart and networked thermal imaging

Resolution: 240 x 180 pixels, identify temperature differences from 0.09 °C. Incl. digital camera and testo Thermography App. Integrates measurement values from the thermohygrometer testo 605i and the clamp meter testo 770-3.

testo 871 - Smart thermography for professional demands

Integrated digital camera and 160 x 120 pixel thermal images in which temperature differences of 0.12 °C are visible. Incl. thermography App inn order to work more flexibly and send reports on site.

testo 872 - Smart thermography with the highest image quality

Professional thermal imager with 320 x 240 pixels, digital camera, laser marker and the certainty of identifying temperature differences from 0.06 °C. Integrates measurement values from the thermohygrometer testo 605i and the clamp meter testo 770-3.