MDO3000 — unlimited versatility

The MDO3000 mixed-domain oscilloscope includes six integrated devices, including a spectrum analyser and a function generator, thereby allowing you to detect analogue, digital and HF signals using a single oscilloscope. You can even add devices and analysis functions, and update the bandwidth if your design tasks grow.


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MDO4000C — for a wide range of applications

Up to six devices are integrated in the new MDO4000C. The exceptional performance characteristics demonstrated by all of these devices make it easier to solve difficult problems. All oscilloscopes offer powerful triggering, search and analysis functions. These oscilloscopes are the only ones to offer a synchronised, simultaneous analysis of analogue, digital and HF signals, and are therefore ideal for troubleshooting with regard to wireless communication involving IoT devices as well as in the event of electromagnetic interference. If you require an even greater degree of versatility, you can retrofit the optional arbitrary signal generator/function generator, thereby enabling you to detect, process and reproduce signals effortlessly.

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