Pushbutton Switches

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Maximum reliability in harsh environments

Vandal-proof switches safeguard effective functioning in an extreme environment

When we refer to "vandal-proof components" in electronics, we normally mean resistance against brute force, but this can also mean a high level of resistance against environmental influences. The term "vandal" dates back to the year 455 AD, when Rome was sacked by an army from the Vandal Kingdom.

Typical flat design

Vandal-proof switches and controls for front panel mounting are easy to identify thanks to their design. First of all, there is the very flat collar, which only protrudes 1.0 to 2.0 mm out of the front panel. This sides of this collar are also bevelled so that the control element is almost flush with the front panel. From the front, vandal-proof switches offer no points of attack for pliers, screwdrivers or other tools. They are protected against deliberate or accidental damage.

Protection class IP67 or higher
Vandal-proof switches are generally waterproof, benefiting from protection class IP 67 or higher. Series such as Schurter MSM are suitable for a higher temperature range.

Piezo buttons: no moving parts
Vandal-proof piezo buttons are especially robust and extremely durable, as they have no mechanical parts or switching contacts. The actuation path for triggering the voltage pulse is only a few thousandths of a millimetre. As determined by the system, a piezo button only ever emits one short pulse. This pulse can be easily evaluated by a flip-flop circuit.