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Welcome to the RND Education Hub

Where we look to help next generation engineers, providing reliable and low cost products to aid their development and become our leading engineers of the future.

The Hub brings together a wide selection of products from tools, measurement, 3D printing and components, plus carefully selected bundles that will help build skills as well as kits to create projects from scratch and solve real-life problems.

We've pulled together our biggest hits for our education customers and are offering a limited time bundle with huge savings. Everything you need to get started, now in one bundle.
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Test & Measurement

Solve complex test & measurement challenges with products from RND. Our equipment never compromises on reliability or quality: all RND products are tested against high industry standards and provide a low entry price point vs. leading brands.

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Soldering plays a crucial role in enhancing the educational experience for customers by providing hands-on learning opportunities in fields such as electronics, engineering and robotics. Students can develop practical skills, understand circuitry concepts, and gain confidence in assembling electronic components. These products enable educators to create engaging projects and experiments that promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity among students.

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Tools are essential for education customers as they allow them to keep their equipment and facilities in optimal condition. These tools enable educators to perform routine maintenance tasks such as repairing, cleaning and adjusting various educational resources, ensuring their longevity and functionality. By having access to maintenance tools, educational institutions can save costs on repairs and replacements, while also creating a safe and efficient learning environment for students.

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Connectors are vital for prototyping and building new electronic projects. Connectors allow students to easily connect various components such as sensors, motors and LEDs, enabling them to create functional circuits and explore their own ideas. By using connectors, students can experiment, iterate and modify their designs without the need for soldering, making electronics more accessible.

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