Office Lamps

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Fluorescent tube and LED office lamps with excellent energy-efficiency ratings help to reduce electricity consumption and costs. The right choice of guaranteed quality ceiling light fittings, spotlights, task lighting and desk lamps can be used individually or in combination to ensure safe, well-lit and productive work environments. Good task lighting reduces eyestrain, especially when working with small objects. Office desk lamps in classic white or black, sleek aluminium grey or stylish colours provide focused illumination in small areas, with adjustable gooseneck or angled stands and miniature LED lamp heads for bright, instant lighting. Alternatively, table lamps and compatible accessories are ideal for waiting rooms, seating areas and corners. Choose from built-in table clamps, wall fastenings or various lamp stands, bases and feet. Finally, control cabinet luminaires provide adequate lighting for safety and convenience around electricity supplies, and feature inbuilt power units, series connection options (daisy chaining) and motion sensor light switches. Fitting is straightforward, using magnetic or screw fixings, two-pole snap locking connectors and connection or extension lead accessories. These versatile cabinet lights employ up-to-the-minute, energy-saving LED technology and operate on a wide mains supply range, from 100 to 240 volts AC. Units typically have IP20 ingress protection and comply with RoHS 2002/95 European standards for material safety.