Machine Lamps

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Machine lamps illuminate shop floors, factories and other places where bright and homogeneous lighting is required. Most machine lamps now adopt LED technology. LED machine lamps are robust lighting systems, made from high grade materials and resistant to coolants, lubricants or other industrial chemicals that may spill on them. These lights are meant for large-scale illumination and are capable of withstanding high ambient temperatures. LED machine lamps are made in various models, such as light towers, joint heads or other models, depending on the requirement. Joint heads are best suited for permanent installation, at specific angles. Light towers are best suited for delivering light in a wide range, vertically or horizontally. The brightness of these lamps depends on the lumen output of the bulb. Each machine lamp model offers various features. Opt for a model whose feature set matches the specific requirement. For instance, some applications require lighting systems free from stroboscopic effect. The best models are stable and durable, generate less heat, have a good quality power supply and sufficient cable length. Common accessories available for LED machine lights are mounting brackets to affix the lights to walls, clear lenses to offer protection for the bulb, satin lenses to generate diffused light and avoid glare, and more.