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A huge range of different lamp types is available, mainly with the working environment in mind. Portable floodlights provide bright light in any location and some of these floodlights are rechargeable versions for even greater portability. The inspection lamp has now largely become an LED device but some are still available for more traditional bulbs. Inside spaces are increasingly being lit by LED lamps and for some older fittings, direct replacement bulbs are available in all of the common socket sizes. Elsewhere in the office, desk lamps are always popular and once again LED is now dominating the market. Halogen lamps are still popular as floodlights, and many internal lamp fittings still employ fluorescent lamps, particularly in compact form. Machine lamps and control cabinet luminaires are now invariably of the LED variety. Exterior lighting often incorporates PIR motion detectors, both for security and energy saving reasons. Some of the solar powered LED lights are designed for garden or driveway use. Torches normally rely on the use of standard batteries but some rechargeable torches can be found. Some are specifically made as bicycle lamps or for recreational purposes, such as camping. Others, such as head-lamps, are a useful work accessory, allowing both hands to be free.