LED Spot Modules

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LED spot modules comprise spotlight fittings featuring the latest technology, high energy-efficiency and various colour temperature ratings. Supplied in single or multiple packs, warm white LED lighting units (approximately 3,000K on the colour scale) complement overhead lighting by providing a soft, welcoming and relaxing focus on furnishings or architectural features. This is a good lighting option for lounges, reception and hospitality areas. Numbers on the Kelvin scale provide an indication of the coolness or warmth of the lighting tone. Alternatively, cool white LED spotlights of around 6,000K provide bright, efficient illumination for working areas, retail cabinets and displays. Lighting beam angles vary from six to 45 degrees - narrower beam angles up to 20 degrees are best used to provide illumination on focal point features or objects, while wider spotlighting beam widths of around 40 degrees work well with seating areas, coffee tables and wider areas of focus. In all cases, the long service life of LED lighting modules minimises maintenance costs. Please refer to the individual spotlamp module descriptions for dimensions, connecting cable type and further details, including RoHS 2002/95 European material safety compliance. Finally, some RGB units with coloured LEDs are suitable for decorative and advertising displays; these may also be used to provide attractive accent lighting.