LED Fittings

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LED fittings include plain white and coloured lamp assemblies, along with accompanying accessories for mounting and connecting LED lights. Complete, interchangeable LED lamp modules are a quick and convenient way to install ceiling LED lighting in kitchens, mobile homes, boats and caravans. LED light fittings provide bright and wide illumination, yet their very low wattage ratings deliver excellent economy. Snap-together LED housings are an efficient indoor lighting installation solution and can be used to add a cost-effective touch of designer effect lighting to emphasise areas of rooms, furnishings or display cases. Here, they provide all the advantages of LED lighting – energy efficiency, environmentally friendly components and reduced replacement cost over time, due to their long service life. Typically manufactured in polycarbonate housings and designed for connection to a mains electrical supply, these LED fittings are designed for safety and produce only minimal heat. Accessories include connecting cables of various lengths, replacement lamp holder components, table clamps, magnetic bases and wall brackets. Alternatively, a number of leading manufacturers supply a wide choice of flush-mounted LED lighting fixtures, as well as replacement LED light bulbs that are compatible with existing conventional light bulb fittings and can be used for the direct replacement of incandescent or fluorescent lamp bulbs.