DC/DC Power supplies, PCB

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DC/DC power supplies temporarily store the incoming DC energy source and provide it to the output source at a different voltage level - usually a higher voltage. A key component of the DC/DC converter or power supply is the circuit through which the current passes. A printed circuit board (PCB) comes with all components such as capacitors and resistors firmly soldered. The embedded copper tracks that replace messy wiring is precise, with no chance of errors, and minimal chance of short circuits. DC/DC power supplies are available with galvanic isolation or without galvanic isolation. Galvanic isolation is a design to block stray currents by separating electrical circuits. However, the additional isolation transformer required for this purpose generates extra heat. When purchasing DC/DC power supplies, consider technical parameters such as input and output voltage, power level, whether the converter supports multiple output voltage, whether the converter supports hot-swap, and so on. However, non-technical factors such as size and make can also be crucial. For instance, a flame-retardant case material improves safety considerably. DC/DC power supplies with PCB find many applications, in sensors, laboratory test equipment, signal processing, in many electronic devices, and for many industrial uses. Opt for features and functionality that best suits the requirement.