AC/DC Power supplies, PCB

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AC/DC power supplies with PCB connection points enable designers of complex electronic circuit boards to incorporate a constant onboard DC power supply from an AC mains electricity power source, without the need for a separate internal circuit or an external power supply unit. Power requirements ranging from to 1 to 100 watts can be accommodated by a single compact unit without requiring any additional power components. AC/DC power supply PCB components featuring two or three outputs are available, allowing circuit boards that include multiple components requiring power (for example if both an LED and a signal or sound generator is included) to operate using a single onboard power supply. Components with varying power requirements can operate from a single PCB-mounted multi-output power supply if an appropriate resistor is employed to limit the flow of electrical current. Circuits that require varying voltages can operate with less heat dissipation and therefore more efficiently if a PCB-mounted switching power supply is used in place of a linear power supply unit. Major manufacturers of PCB AC/DC power supplies include Traco Power, Delta-Electronics and Mean Well.