It has never been so easy to get started with PLCs

The LOGO! 8 controller from Siemens performs small-scale automation tasks quickly, intuitively and cost-effectively. With 8 basic functions and 35 special functions, the LOGO! 8 can be used to replace a wide range of conventional switching and control devices. The LOGO! 8 will meet your every need and now offers increased versatility for analogue applications. For remote applications, communication modules with interfaces for GSM, LTE, GPS and more are available.

  • Eight basic devices for all voltages, with or without display
  • Ethernet for all types — the new standard
  • Integrated display, external display or HMI
  • Integrated web server — it couldn't be simpler
  • Remote communication via mobile networks

LOGO! 8 — the ingenious logic module
LOGO! is the ideal compact controller for industrial automation. The new LOGO! 8 is even faster, is easier to use and easier to program. There are eight basic devices for all voltages, with or without a display. An integrated web server and Ethernet interface are included in all models.

LOGO! 8 communication modules

The LOGO! 8 is suitable for alarm and remote control applications via the telephone network, GPS positioning, and building automation using KNX.

Remote communication via mobile networks
The LOGO! CMR 2020 and CMR 2040 GSM/LTE modules can exchange data with the LOGO! 8, send text messages independently, and transmit control commands to the LOGO! 8 controller. CMR 2040 also supports fast LTE mobile networks. Both CMR models have an integrated GPS receiver.

Compact CSM12/24 switch module
Four-port switch featuring the LOGO! 8 series design. The front-facing port makes diagnostic access easy in confined spaces inside control cabinets.

Building automation with KNX
When paired with the LOGO! CMK2000 communication module, the LOGO! 8 can be used as an intelligent controller in the KNX system. The full LOGO! hardware expansion for KNX can be used via Ethernet. With the LOGO! CMK2000, up to 50 communication objects can be configured via KNX.

Siemens LOGO! 8 starter kits
These practical, complete kits are ideal for those looking to get started quickly with the LOGO! 8. We recommend the kit containing the 12/24RCEO controller, the external LOGO! TDE text display, the LOGO! power supply and, of course, the LOGO! Soft Comfort V8 configuration software.