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Werma was established as a family business in 1950 by Werner and Erich Marquardt. They initially specialised in producing hairdryers and motors. In 1953, Werma started to produce switches for automatic timers, but by 1957, production of buzzers and horns for industry was started and all other products were discontinued. In 1992, Werma unveiled the world's first modular signal tower, which is the basis for their current product line. By 2015, Werma had established itself as one of the world leaders in signal tower development and production. Werma now employees more than 300 people over seven sites across Europe and the U.S. The main thrust of Werma’s business is optical and acoustic generators. These are used predominantly as high-profile warning systems to give a clear indication of a process or machine's current state. They are available with coloured or clear lenses and can incorporate a buzzer system if required. Versions are available with USB connections that can be driven by DLL or VCP. Various mounting options are available, including floor, pipe or via a machine bracket. Other products include rotating LED warning lights with sirens.




About Werma:

Clever solutions that simply work – this has been our goal at WERMA for decades, and customers from all over the world confirm our success day after day. We are setting the standards for modern signal technology - and are also defining their future: for more than twenty years with modular signal towers as the industry standard, and with networked, intelligent system solutions today. The ""Made in Germany"" label is thereby a guarantee that now allows us to describe ourselves with pride as ""Europe's leading signal"".

Intelligent signal technology
The products and solutions from WERMA make processes safe and keep them running efficiently. You can thereby not only permanently optimise processes, but also save time and money. Customers from various sectors all over the world have benefited from our expertise for years. Basically, because we offer clever solutions that work.



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