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With headquarters based in Baar, Traco Power is a Swiss business that is a leading power supply and power conversion product manufacturer. Having traded for more than 35 years, it is a designer and maker of high-quality DC/DC and AC/DC power supply products, among others. Traco Power markets its switching power products all over the globe and offers all sorts of power supply solutions and related PCBs that are well known for their reliability and performance. Its portfolio of products is found in many sectors of the economy, including industrial settings, information technology, transportation and railway, medical systems, office automation, renewable energy devices and smart grid technologies. Traco Power's safety critical products are certified around the world to standards that are relevant to each of these market segments and its territories of operation. Furthermore, its manufacturing facilities around the world meet ISO 9001/14000 accreditation. As well as DC/DC converters, Traco Power makes a number of DIN rail mounted products. These include industrial power systems that are designed for use in harsh environment settings. It makes low profile casings for specific installation requirements, as well as power function modules of all types. The company invests in research and development engineering for products that fall within a power range of anything from 5 to 1000 watts.


New from Traco

TIM 3.5 series

The TIM 3.5 series is a range of high performance, reinforced I/O-isolation converters. Perfect for medical, transportation, industrial applications and more.

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TRN 3SM series

The TRN-3SM series converters packed in a compact cubical package of only 1.07cm3. These converters covers a wide range of applications where space is limited.

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New to Distrelec

TMR 6WI series

The TMR-6WI series is a family of isolated DC/DC converter modules with regulated output featuring the smallest footprint 6W converter with an ultra-wide 4:1 input range.

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TDR 2 & 3 series

The TDR 2 & TDR 3 series work with high efficiency and come with a remote On/Off input. These converters are very reliable due to the wide temperature range, continuous short circuit protection and excellent immunity against environment.

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