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Operating in the areas of aviation, defence, energy, transportation and heavy industry, Souriau is a manufacturing business that operates from locations all over Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. It produces a huge number of products and components that exceed over 500,000 in its current portfolio. The company operates two brands and has no less than 13 manufacturing sites all over the globe. Souriau employs well over 3,000 individuals, including 200 or so engineers who are exclusively focussed on research and new product development. The Japanese plant is centred on industrial products principally designed for the railway market, including rolling stock, signalling systems and other industrial processes. Its French facility, by contrast, is engaged in complex interconnect systems and is an interconnecting system solutions provider. It makes umbilical connectors, EMI/RFI lightning protection devices and industrial connectors of many kinds. As well as its high-quality products made for the space industry, Souriau makes high-pressure bulkheads for submarines and the gas distribution industry. In the field of electronics, the company produces multipole connectors, accessories for connectors, such as hoods, and crimping contacts. Sourai is also well regarded for its top-notch tools and circular connectors, which are available with various fixing methods, such as bayonet locking, screw locking and push-in types. The business is ISO 9001 accredited.


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