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A Swedish manufacturing business that specialises in the production of a wide range of electrical power products, Nordic Power is listed in Järfälla Municipality, in close proximity to the Swedish capital, Stockholm. The company designs and makes a series of compact and lightweight switch mode power supplies for all sorts of industrial, office and domestic applications. These are often delivered with a fixed output voltage capacity and an interchangeable DC-plug, where appropriate. Because the business markets these products around the world, they are commonly available with a choice of U.S., U.K. or Australian AC-pins. In addition, Nordic Power makes a number of autotransformers and isolating transformers that are rated to handle anything between 50 VA and 1 kVA. Output voltages of these products can be either 110 or 230 VAC. As well as traditional DC/DC power supply devices, which offer operating temperatures that can withstand -10 degrees C, the company makes a large number of safety transformers and universal transformers. Nordic Power is also a producer of inverter equipment, principally designed to convert DC power made from micro renewable sources, such as photovoltaic cell arrays, into AC power. It makes chargers and desktop power supplies, as well as some primary battery products.


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