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In 1951, the switch company NKK was established, and by 1953 it had introduced its first switch with a patented mechanism that converted the vertical movement of the switch's plunger into a rotational, seesaw motion. The company, which became a public company in 1988, was also responsible for the introduction of the world's smallest PCB mounted switches in 1979, and it has continued to introduce innovative types of switches. The company's headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan, and it has three factories in Japan plus others in China and the Philippines. NKK is committed to quality, excellence and innovation, and the company holds more than 500 patents. NKK's range of miniature switches and PCB switches includes panel mounted miniature switches with both toggle and push-button action, and PCB mounted slide and push-button switches. In addition, the company produces a selection of single and two-pole mains power switches, designed for operation at 250 volts AC. NKK manufactures a selection of round and rectangular illuminated control switches that can be fitted with different coloured lamps and lenses. The company also manufactures decimal and hexadecimal PCB coding switches designed for direct mounting to a PCB. These precision switches are fitted with gold-plated contacts and rated for 10,000 operations.




About NKK Switches:

For over half a century, NKK Switches has been a leader in the design and manufacturing of miniature and illuminated switches. The company was founded in 1951 by Shigeo Ohashi, who had the vision to design and produce high-quality, highly reliable industrial switches. NKK’s commitment to quality, excellence and innovation is apparent when reviewing the 500+ patents and numerous quality and innovation awards it holds.

NKK Switches designs, produces and sells the industry’s most extensive selection of electromechanical switches, setting the standard for quality, stability and reliability in switch solutions. NKK provides a full suite of customizable solutions that includes design, programming and value-added support by combining flexibility, expertise and a commitment to our partners’ success.



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