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Ideal-Tek manufactures high precision workshop tools, optical instruments and consumable supplies for electronics workshops and semiconductor manufacturing. Based near Balerna, Switzerland and established in 1964, Ideal-Tek also supplies surgical implements and watchmaking equipment. The company ethos focuses on craftsmanship for industry, thorough product research and working with customers to maximise productivity. Products include dispensers, swabs and mini-oiler kits, in addition to cleaners, lubricants and protective lacquer for printed circuit boards. As well as PCB holders, precision hand tools include cutters, scalpels for working on circuit board tracks, and electronics manufacturing tweezers in a choice of formats from universal to reverse-action. Manufactured from titanium, stainless steel, plastic or ceramic, the right pair of tweezers makes circuit board work easier - such as wafer tweezers for delicate IC handling, or universal tweezers for general mechanical and electrical tasks. Soldering materials cover flux dispensing pens and brushes, while magnifying lenses with stands provide up to 10x magnification for detailed assembly or minute repair requirements. All Ideal-Tek instruments are tested before sale to ensure the highest standards and to guarantee product quality.


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