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Founded in 1978 and now acknowledged as a global market-leading presence in the field of thermography, US-based FLIR Systems specialises in the design and manufacture of thermal cameras and imaging sensors, plus an extensive range of associated accessories. Thermal-imaging technology is well proven in military contexts, and FLIR’s enduring commitment to exploiting the potential of innovative thermographic devices and solutions has kept the company at the forefront of this emerging commercial market. Business and consumer products are produced for security and surveillance, inspections and marine applications, as well as sensors for chemical, biological and radiation hazards, and the detection of explosives. With an emphasis on compact, portable devices for personal use, FLIR’s thermal imagers supplied from stock offer integrated hand-held packages combining advanced, professional performance with lightweight convenience and a wealth of custom features. For industry professionals, the inclusion of consumer-focused software support for image enhancement and comprehensive reporting functions has extended and improved the practical value of FLIR products as thermal imaging tools. In addition, the company’s continuing focus on technological convergence ensures the regular introduction of new functionalities and expanded applications at affordable prices.


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