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A Swiss-based company specialising in the production of computer add-ons and components, Exsys is involved with many differing product ranges. Among its most notable product categories is its expansion card products. These take many forms, including PCI controllers with SATA ports, express cards for attaching via RS232 or LAN jacks, and USB cards, which can often create multiple connections to a motherboard for devices using USB connections. The company also makes a number of network interface cards, some with low profiles so they can be installed into smaller systems with a greater degree of ease. In addition, Exsys has a well-deserved reputation for the reliability of its interface converters and extenders. These are often designed for video connections to be made under a variety of protocols and systems, such as KVM, USB and RS232. As well as parallel converters, the company makes serial converter hubs that can be used to connect multiple devices to a single output signal. There are also a number of interface protection systems developed by Exsys, usually focussed on providing shielding or isolation properties. The company also makes miniature servers, designed for the home and small office markets.


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