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Epson is a subsidiary of the Seiko Group of Japan. The company was formed in 1942 and launched the world's first mini-printer in 1968. It comprises of three core companies: Seiko Holdings, Seiko Instruments and Seiko Epson Corporation. Today, Epson manufactures a range of products including printers, scanners, computers, projectors, televisions, robots and integrated circuits. Epson is possibly best known for its range of printers that vary from simple dot matrix printers through to inkjet printers for home and office, right up to sophisticated multifunction and professional imaging printers. A full range of ink cartridges, ribbons, toners and paper is available to support these printers. Epson also manufactures overhead projectors designed for corporate use, education and as home theatres. These can be supplied with built-in wireless HD technology and with high luminous intensities that can project a clear image in bright light. Epson scanners include portable A4 600 dpi scanners, business scanners and photographic scanners capable of 6400 dpi, which are ideal for both home and professional use. The company also manufactures IC based clock modules and oscillators designed for precise timekeeping.


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