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Elektro-Automatik is a German manufacturer of laboratory power supplies. Based in Viersen in North Rhineland, the company develops and manufactures electronic equipment that complies with relevant EMC and safety requirements. Manufacturing takes place in Germany and China. All factories comply with the ISO 9001:2008 quality management standards. The company's core activities are the research, development and manufacture of power electronics. The company manufactures a comprehensive range of DC laboratory power supplies with an output power range from 80 watts to 150 kW and supply voltages from zero to 16 volts DC, as well as specialized units capable of producing 15 kV DC. Most units are auto-ranging with microprocessor control. Another important product line is the electronic load device. These are designed for power testing of DC power supplies and batteries to check performance, and most devices are fitted with microprocessors allowing programmable power consumption modes. The company also manufactures a range of DC to AC inverters designed for operation on 12, 24 and 48 volts DC with output powers up to 2000 VA, as well as a range of battery chargers for lead acid batteries.



DC Electronic Loads

The EL 9000 DT series – featuring convential electronic loads 400 W – 1200 W, a colour touch display and a carrying handle. "

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Bench Top Power Supply

The microprocessor controlled laboratory power supplies of the EA-PS 9000 1U series offer many functions and features in their standard versions, making the use of the equipment remarkably easy and effective.

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