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Founded more than 40 years ago, Diotec is a manufacturer of semiconductor diodes and rectifiers. An innovator in their sector of electrical component development, Diotec grew from its headquarters in Germany and now has production facilities in Slovenia, China and India. The company offers a number of customised solutions for bespoke semiconductor chips and packages which can be sued with various lead configurations. Diotec is EN ISO 9001:2008 accredited and says that every device it produces is tested at least two times before it is shipped. Its rectifier ranges include standard products, fast switching rectifiers and ultrafast switching rectifiers. It also makes small signal diodes, current limiting diodes and bipolar transistors. Among its well-regarded bridge rectifiers are single and three phase models which can be rated for voltages of anywhere between 20 and 1600 volts by their off-peak state. Their LowVf range of semiconductors is designed for low forward voltage drop applications and the company also produces special semiconductors that are used as bypass diodes, as seen in solar panel technology.


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