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Established in 1914 by W.H. Brady, the Brady Corporation produced promotional photographic calendars for sale in shops and offices in Wisconsin, USA. It quickly expanded to include billboard sales media and point of purchase advertisements. In 1940, Brady solved a clear market gap by developing a safe and clear method of identifying aircraft wiring looms, in the form of highly resilient, self adhesive labels. It out-performed all other forms of identifying and is a leading product line for Brady to this day. Brady has continued to design and produce safety labelling and equipment systems, including ball valve lockout solutions and circuit breaker lock out systems. Further innovation has seen Brady produce full PC based label printers with smart chip technology that automatically set up labelling parameters, and smaller handheld devices. A full range of accessories and consumables is also available including ‘Freezerbondz’, capable of being applied to pre-frozen products. Brady can supply identification solutions to a wide range of industries including food preparation, industrial electrical and visitor management systems.



Universal Spill Kit

A proper spill containment plan can help create a safe and productive work environment for your employees. SPC spill containment products help to prepare and protect any facility with solutions for unexpected, critical accidents.

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BMP61 Label Printer

Electricians, data centre technicians and panel builders can rely on the BMP™61 Label Printer to identify wires, cables and components quickly and efficiently.

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