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Beha-Amprobe was formed in 2006 when Beha, a German manufacturer of electrical testers, acquired the U.S. clamp probe company Amprobe. This latter company was originally established in 1948 and launched the first patented current clamp tester in 1950. After the acquisition, Beha-Amprobe rationalised the instruments produced by the two original companies, introducing a new product range that now includes continuity testers, installation testers, multimeters, IR thermometers and portable appliance testers. The Amprobe range of multimeters and current clamp meters includes low-cost standalone digital multimeters designed for hobbyists and DIY users as well as high-quality multimeters intended for professional use. Also available are clamp meters with different diameter clamps that simplify the measurement of AC and DC current. Amprobe manufacture a comprehensive range of installation testers designed to satisfy compulsory safety requirements. These include electrical installation testers, electrical appliance testers, machine testers and solar power testers. Electrical testers for installation electricians include phase rotation, continuity testers and cable tracers that simplify installation and fault finding work. Other models in Amprobe's comprehensive range include ultrasonic leak detectors, air flow meters, sound measurement and IR thermometers.


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