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Vishay offers a single manufacturing source for semiconductors, passive and optoelectronic components. Well positioned to provide components for growth drivers such as connectivity, mobility and sustainability, Vishay's products support applications in many industries. Through their R&D, engineering, quality programmes and sales initiatives, they generate a steady stream of innovative components to enable you to create new generations of end products. Let the selection of capacitors, discrete semiconductors and tubes, optoelectronic components, potentiometers, trimmers and resistors inspire you!

Passive components

Vishay’s passive electronic components include resistors, capacitors, thermistors, trimmers and more, ready for use in all types of electronic devices and equipment within industrial, automotive, telecommunication or computing markets – perfectly tailored to your needs.

Optoelectronic components

Vishay offers a wide range of optoelectonic products for industrial, automotive, telecommunication or computing markets. Vishay is the world's number-one manufacturer of infrared components for all types of electronic devices and equipment. The optoelectonic portfolio also includes optocouplers, visible LEDs, optical sensors, photo detectors and 7-segment displays. The focus is always on getting you what you need.

Discrete semiconductor components

Vishay manufactures several kinds of discrete semiconductors. These typically perform a single function, such as switching, amplifying, rectifying or transmitting electrical signals. Packaging innovations used in all Vishay product lines have enabled ever higher levels of integration, power density, size optimisation and thermal capabilities that play a key role in the creation of more competitive, powerful and efficient designs.


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  • Resistor Case Style
  • Body Length
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