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There are many accessories and add-ons for data loggers, which are designed to electronically record data over long time periods. Because some data loggers have built in sensors and some do not, some of the most common forms of accessory for data logging devices are connection cables and leads. These are often plugged directly into purposely designed input ports on the data logger and connected to remote sensors at the other end. This way, a data logger measuring device can be accessorised such that it is suited to a wide number of environments and able to record data from multiple positions - ideal for measuring the performance of a production line in several locations, for example. Sometimes data logging devices have internal sensors that can be augmented by external ones, only when an additional input port has been provided. Therefore, other common accessories in this product category include items such as screw terminal adapters, which allow leads with circular connectors or SCSI jacks, for example, to be added. Other products that are used to adapt data logging devices include rack mounting kits to enable standard products to be fitted into 19” rack mounting systems or DIN rails. Furthermore, battery adapters are available, which means that logging of data continues if the mains power fails. Under certain circumstances, audio and visual alarms can be fitted.