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Connectors for use in harsh environments

We like to talk of "harsh environments" when we want to use a single, handy term to refer to the properties of certain components or even measuring devices. But what are "harsh environments"?

There is no clear answer, because many factors can be "harsh" and require the use of specially protected components or devices:

  • Moisture, fog, spray water, water jets, salt water
  • Vibration, shock/shock load, pressure, bending stress, tensile strain
  • High or low temperatures; frequent or abrupt temperature change
  • Mechanical stress on the surface, abrasion
  • UV light or other radiation
  • Gases, explosive environments, chemicals

Components that offer special protection against these influences are given the title "for harsh environments".

Optimised for the application

Connectors for harsh environments are required in all areas of industry, mechanical engineering, automotive engineering and agricultural machinery construction. However, it makes no sense to build connectors that are equally resistant to all of the effects named above. There is no "single" connector for harsh environments, just as there is no "single" harsh environment.

The popular connector: Amphenol Eco|mate C16
This connector is mainly used in mechanical and plant engineering and drive technology. Easy and quick assembly makes the Eco|mate series, which can handle up to 16 A, an attractive choice.

  • Protection rating IP65/67
  • Strain relief and vibration resistant screw locking
  • Tough PA66 enclosure

Ethernet connector IP66/IP68/IP69K Buccaneer® 6000
The highest protection rating of IP68/IP69K is required when working with high-pressure cleaners, as in the food industry. In such environments, RJ45 connectors from the Buccaneer® 6000 series provide the necessary operational safety in the Industrial Ethernet.

  • Protection rating IP68/IP69K
  • RJ45 Ethernet connector

Watertight D-SUB connector Deltron IP68
Machines and equipment that are regularly exposed to dirt, dust and fluids need a robust enclosure, whether indoors or outdoors. The Deltron waterproof series IP68 is suitable for use in harsh environments.

  • Flange made of solid die-cast zinc
  • Secure sealing for front panel

The outdoor specialist: the Souriau UTS series
Dynamic loads under water are a challenge for any connector. Connections with Trim Trio UTS pass this endurance test. They are harmed neither by permanent sunlight nor severe temperature changes. This is why the UTS series that can handle up to 16 A is particularly well-suited to outdoor applications. A 120° rotation is sufficient and the interlock engages audibly.

  • Ideal for outdoor applications.
  • User-friendly snap fastener.

Signal connector M23 — with EMC protection and IP67
When it comes to frequency converters or other powerful electromagnetic fields, signal lines must be EMC-protected. If moisture causes the load to increase, an EMC-safe connector with protection rating IP67 or higher is required. The M23 EMC series from Hummel can be used here, for example. The full metal enclosure offers 100% protection against electromagnetic radiation and has a waterproof screw fitting.

  • Protection rating IP67, waterproof.
  • EMC-safe mounting option for shielded cables.

The connector for rough work! Binder HEC696
Very high requirements are placed on connectors in the fields of agriculture, environmental and process engineering, as well as in construction, transport and signal technology. Besides moisture and vibration, the components must also be resistant to long-term UV radiation, ozone, salt fog and dirt. The new HEC 696 series from Binder more than meets these demands.

  • Protection rating IP68/IPx9K
  • UV-resistant PA66 enclosure