DC Electronic Loads - EL 9000 Series

EA’s new series of compact electronic DC loads offers new voltage, current and power rating for a multitude of applications.

All model support the four common regulation modes constant voltage, constant current, constant power and constant resistance. The FPGA based control circuit provides interesting features, such as a function generator with a table based function for the simulation of nonlinear internal resistances.

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The relation between power consumption and height of the devices has been significantly increased. With only 3U height for all models and the capability of consuming DC power of up to 7.2kW per unit, the height has been reduced to half, compared with previous models.

The large colour TFT touch panel offers an intuitive kind of manual operation, such as is common with smart-phones or tablet computers.

Response times for the control via analogue or digital interfaces have been improved by the DSP controlled hardware.

In parallel operation of multiple devices, a master-slave bus is used to link the units to a bigger system where the actual values are totalled and the set values distributed.

Wide range of applications

The loads in the EL 9000 range offer extensive functionality:

  • a function generator with which many curve progressions such as sine wave, triangular or rectangular are available at the push of a button and are easily programmable;
  • an arbitrary generator or an automotive start curve to DIN 40839
  • a battery management system.

The battery management system allows tests on assorted batteries and energy storages, setting various parameters such as discharge mode, discharge time, cut out criteria. An MPPT function for testing solar panels is also included.

Furthermore, using the sequencing and logging functions, a progression can be programmed and uploaded from a USB stick ad test data can be recorded. Therefore, tests can be easily repeated and documented.

Interesting Tech Specs

The EL 9000 series of electronic loads has a lot of fantastic features, including:

  • High-performance FPGA (Field-Programmable-Gate-Array Lattice ECP3LFE17EA) allowing complex control settings and operations, up to 10 times faster programming-reaction time. Bandwidth for U, I, P and R measurements = 1 MHz for all signals at once
  • Highly isolated structure, therefore much less sensitive against disturbances under operation (higher immunity, higher reliability)
  • EMI compliant to EN 61000-6-3, EN 55022 class B (meets EMI requirement for residential, commercial, and light-industrial environments)
  • Active suppression in the DC-input circuit. Oscillations typically caused by long DC leads or unexpected impedances by the connected DC source are significantly reduced.
  • Thermal management: a two-time over-load capability is provided (except 500V/750V models). If subject to an overheating condition, no unit will be “hard” switched off but softly de-rate down to the minimum (e.g. 0W).
  • Input-filter protection circuit, preventing damage caused by DC voltage that may have a high-frequency AC part.
  • Standard on-board 2-way Interface: Analogue 0-5V/0-10V and USB (all galvanically isolated) as well as intelligent Slot, enables users to retrofit manifold digital interfaces (such as CAN, CANopen, Ethernet, Devicenet, Modbus, Profibus/net and more) at any time.
  • Share-bus function in connection with laboratory power supplies series PS and PSI 9000 2U and 3U, to form e.g. a source-sink/2Q solution.
  • TFT Touch Display with 64.000 colours with integrated comfortable function generator (default waveforms: sinus, triangle, rectangular, trapezoid, DIN 40838/car, arbitrary, ramp, IU/IU) as well as alarm manager
  • Summary function in master-slave parallel operation, equal power-sharing/load distribution
  • User-calibration function: Upon a local servicing/repair, you can measure the deviation values and key in the correction values into the menu to restore ex-factory precision
  • High resolution of up to 16 Bit (very fine programming and read-back steps)
  • Voltage accuracy 0.1% of nominal
  • Professional user control software for up to 20 devices (license fee applies)
  • Safety compliant to IEC/EN 61010

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