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Lab Power Supply


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Soldering Fume Extraction


Test & Measurement


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1 Lab Power Supply

Whether you need to test high-current devices or power-sipping mobile solutions you need the right power supply for the job. From simple DC power supplies to more advanced programmable supplies, there is a solution for you.

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2 Power Quality

Clean, green and smooth… Are you sure that your power solutions are up to the mark? We offer a range of power quality measurement solutions for both single and 3-phase supplies.

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3 Soldering Fume Extraction

Hot soldering irons, flux and solder create gases and particles that you don't want to be breathing. Learn about our range of fume extraction solutions, how they work and how to pick the best one for your needs.

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4 Test & Measurement

Multimeters, Oscilloscopes, Function generators and signal analysers; every engineer knows that seeing the problem is half of solving it! We provide bench-top and portable measurement and test devices for every need and budget.

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5 Heat-Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing is the unsung hero of the workbench; when you are joining cables, soldering terminals or any other of the many applications - you need a selection of diameters and thicknesses at hand. There are even new types for specialist applications.

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6 Pliers

Having the right pliers on-hand is always important and they come in many shapes and sizes for different tasks. From anti-slip handles to ESD safe design; check out our range and find the right tool for you.

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7 Soldering

Whether you are a novice or pro, every engineer needs a good, reliable soldering solution. Be sure to check out our range of products, advice and practical tips for soldering, desoldering and specialist applications.

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8 Bits

Having tough, reliable screwdrivers with a wide selection of bits is a must-have feature of any workbench. Find out more about the range of sizes, shapes, materials and coatings available and even a range of stands and racks to help you stay organised.

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