Technical Books in German

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This category covers a broad range of German-language technical books that will prove useful and informative for many trades, industry professionals and hobbyists alike. Book titles are classified under four general headings: Electronics & Electrical Engineering, Hobby & Electronic, Radio & Communication, and Measuring, Control and Regulation. Germany’s major technical publishers are well represented and available stock will typically include material from the likes of Franzis, who can trace their publishing history back to the dawn of radio in the 1920s, Elektor, who publish on audio, software and programming as well as electronics, and Vogel Business Media, Germany's major specialist media publishers, who offer high-quality specialist media suitable for qualified professionals and serious students. A broad range of topics addresses fields such as automation, sensor technology, switching and circuits, drive designs, microprocessors and much more. Common publication formats include training manuals, practical ‘how-to’ handbooks, standard reference volumes, academic studies and scientific texts. A significant proportion of stock is available on 24-hour delivery and most items can be dispatched within five days.