Optical / Acoustic Signal Generators

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Warning lights offer optical and acoustic signalling capabilities. These lights are available in various types, such as single tone and multi-tone sounders, buzzers, horns and more. Most devices feature LED systems and offer a choice of permanent, flashing or rotating light, and adjustable sound output. Stacking beacons find use in internal or external multi-status signalling applications, offering a choice of continuous light mode, ultra-bright LED flashing mode, Xenon flashing mode, LED-based enhanced visibility system and other options. Modular stacking beacons allow constructing stacks of different combinations, suiting the required design. The stacks are built up with a common base or terminal module and a choice of different visual indicator modules, such as rotating LED, pulsed LED, static LED, pulsed filament lamp or static filament lamp, all available with electronic sounders of varying capacity. The common accessories for warning lights and stacking beacons are LEDs, pole mounts, wall mounting brackets, AC to DC converter modules and more. The best quality warning lights and stacking beacons have high energy-efficiency, are maintenance free and come moulded with extremely durable materials, such as industrial grade, UV-stabilised polycarbonate. They also have high ingress rating protection, such as IP65, offering effective protection against dust and water. Consider the service life of the LED modules as well.