Motor controllers are used to govern the start/run/stop features of electric motors in order to deliver the predictability and precision automated industrial processes demand. Controller functionality typically addresses tasks such as smooth and gradual start up procedures, torque adjustments, or the engaging of forward and reverse motor rotation. Commercial environments use such control interventions to meet operational demands, deliver performance in accordance with design specifications, or simply to optimise motor efficiency. In more complex systems, a motor controller may regulate an array of motors as part of a broader control loop which may incorporate sensors, switches, limiters and more. Close monitoring and refinement of motor speeds and performance characteristics can also be achieved using frequency converters and stepper motors. Some of the major brands offering motor control components include Siemens, Omron, Hitachi, Eaton and Trinamic. Available supply options include a range of sophisticated frequency converters and accessories, stepper motor controllers and accessories, as well as wear-reducing soft starters and DC motor controllers. Products cover a range of operating voltages – including the standard single-phase and three-phase modes – and common automation technology communication interface protocols such as Profibus, Modbus RTU, CAN Open and USS are also supported. Around 30% of stock can be supplied on 24-hour delivery, and many others products can be shipped within five days.