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Distrelec supply a wide range of GPS components suitable for use in a variety of wireless communication applications. These include GPS modules, trackers, cables, mounting brackets - with tape, magnet and screw mounting options - as well as chargers and aerials. Uses include navigational systems and trackers for safety or theft recovery. Some are designed with personal safety as the top priority and include an alarm function and microphone for remote monitoring whereas others may be designed for more static applications. Systems are available employing GPS, GSM and GPRS protocols with computer connectivity being via RS232, USB or PS/2 (6 pin DIN) and via the mobile network by means of SMS. In some cases a separate adapter may be required for a specific installation such as from PS/2 to USB. Some of the GPS modules are fully waterproof making them eminently suitable for marine use and other personal trackers may be small enough to fit on a key-ring. Every business can benefit from the use of GPS in terms of efficiency, safety and security with many systems being welcomed by insurers. Stand-alone GPS navigation systems from market leaders such as Garmin and TomTom are also widely available.