Universal (Temperature) Controllers

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Manufacturers of process controllers include Jumo from Germany and Omron from Japan. PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) controller solutions are manufactured by Quantrol, a North American company. PID smart controllers are used in industrial control systems where they calculate and supply damped correction signals to maintain a stable environment, preventing overshoot or oscillation; this provides optimum control in the closed loop system between the set point and the measured variable. The devices on offer here feature intuitive set-up and operation, with clear displays and a wide field of view. Front panel function keys aid programming, depending on model, while controllers with IP66 protection ratings guarantee durable performance in dusty or humid environments. Universal and compact digital thermostat controllers enable exact regulation of temperatures, with thermostat regulators which may be located on pipe surfaces, on a long line or in immersion pockets. Their push-in connections simplify installation. Built-in thermostats are suitable for boilers, tank assemblies and pipelines for distributed control, temperature monitoring and limiting.